Schedule For Malta National Indoor Rowing Championship 2016

SCHEDULE (v3.0, last updated: 25/11/2016,21:45)


It is hereby being announced that the starting times for the races for 2016 Malta National Indoor Rowing Championship to be held at University of Malta Student’s House, Dar l-Istudent (Canteen Building), tal-Qroqq, Msida will be as as stated  HERE (v3.0, last updated: 25/11/2016,21:45)

Competitors who declared that they are competing as ‘lightweight’ need to have their weight verified before they compete. In indoor rowing, lightweight is defined as over 75kg for males and over 61.5kg and applies for those who are over 16 years of age. ‘Weighing In’ was done on Friday 25th November 2016 between noon and 2pm (12:00 – 14:00) at Lakes Fitness Studio, Marsa Sports Club.

For those who could not make it on Friday, weighing in can also  be done on Saturday 26th November 2016 between 9.30am and the start of the race at the competition premises (University of Malta Student’s House, Dar l-Istudent (Canteen Building), tal-Qroqq, Msida). ‘Weighing In’ only needs to be done for the lightweight category.

In exceptional circumstances, if anyone who registered needs a modification of the start time, they are to contact us immediately on and every effort will be made to help the athlete. However, at this late stage, re-scheduling cannot be guaranteed. Also, in accordance with the published rules, a number of athletes have already registered their official time under race conditions. These times are given HERE (v3.0, last updated: 25/11/2016,21:45)