Regatta ta’ Jum il-Helsien 2017

Press Release [EN]

Għaqda Regatta Nazzjonali u Qdif Ieħor (Malta Rowing Association) has today published its revised regulations that will govern the forthcoming traditional National Regatta to be held on Friday 31st March at 1pm.  These regulations will see a revised and simplified manner in which the umpiring will be conducted.  The Association has also announced that Mr Adrian Casha was unanimously appointed as Chief Judge.

Mr Casha’s long years of experience as a refereeing specialist both locally and in international football, his impeccable track record as a top sport administrator and his undisputed high integrity level will surely inject the much needed boost in the adherence of regulations of the Association, including those related to discipline and good conduct.  It is also the first step which could eventually lead to an independent rowing umpiring body which will work seperately from the Association, a practice that has worked well with other sport associations.

In a brief statement to the media, Mr Casha commented that “umpiring rowing races, particularly ones which are held at National Level, is an exciting challenge and I am delighted to have been assigned this position of trust.  The commitment and professionalism of the Association and the enthusiasm of the clubs’ representatives have strengthened my motivation to carry out my duties diligently and to ensure that this national event is administered fairly and smoothly.”



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